Colour Friday 26th Nov

We are big, massive fans of the heartfelt, genuine hard graft @hollytucker Holly & Co does for us small businesses and this campaign is second to none.
This is a shout out to all the Indies also working their butts off to keep being here for us all. Let's all #VoteWithYourMoney
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Forget Black Friday, there are thousands of hard working, brave and brilliant indie business people whose livelihoods are at stake. So we’re shouting from the rooftops to encourage the nation to shop thoughtfully, independently and colourfully this Christmas. This means shining a light on the magnificent colour and creativity that independent businesses bring to the UK and asking you to swap some of your usual Christmas spend to support small businesses instead.
To get involved download Holly's FREE Colourful Campaign Support Kit filled with all sorts of exclusive tools and advice to help you in the coming weeks (kind of like a free marketing department and support system rolled into one)! Click Holly & Co]] link in her bio to get yours today 💪

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